We are INNOVATIVE - Solving Systems of Equations through Original Word Problems 

Instead of a traditional pencil and paper test, Osseo non-linear algebra scholars in Ms. Beal's class were INNOVATIVE in showing their understanding of how to solve systems of equations. 

Through a differentiated project, scholars could choose how to present their mastery of solving systems of equaitions using both the graphing and elimination methods by coming up with original word problems, solving their problems using the two methods, and explaining their math reasoning to their peers.  Scholars could choose how to present their learning from a variety of methods, all centered on what would allow them to best meet the standard while shining as scholars.

nonlinear 2

Above: Scholar Rahema Ngaima presented her word problem on box braids versus lemonade braids, tying in her passion for style and Beyonce to her math learning.


nonlinear 6

Above: The learning target for this unit of non-linear algebra and examples of scholarly work.


nonlinear 4

Above: Ms. Beal listens to her scholar explain his math solution on his 1:1 Chromebook while his classmate listens to give him feedback on his calculations.



Above: Scholars read through the projects in a gallery walk, listening to each other's reasoning and offering feedback or checking for miscalculations.


nonlinear 5

Above:  Scholar Franklin Howard shows his math problem concerning sports.  He personalized his learning to make the math question meaningful to himself.