National Honor Society Constitution
Maple Grove Chapter
Revised November 2015

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National Honor Society Constitution
Maple Grove Chapter
Revised November 2015

PDF copy pdf

Article I – Name and Purpose

Section 1 – Name

This chapter of the National Honor Society shall be known as the Maple Grove National Honor Society.

Section 2 – Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in students of Maple Grove Senior High School. This purpose is exclusively charitable and educational.

Article II – General Control

Section 1 

The general control of this organization shall be vested in two monthly meetings of Maple Grove NHS members.

Article III – Meetings

Section 1 

There shall be two monthly meetings of members held on the first and third Wednesdays of every month (when possible) at Maple Grove High School. These meetings shall be held at a time and place decided on by the executive committee.

Section 2 

A quorum f 3/5 of all members must be present for any votes to be taken. In the event of a failure to reach quorum, an informal meeting may take place, but no action can be taken on any decisions made until the next meeting where a quorum is reached and a formal vote occurs.

Section 3 

Every NHS member is required to attend the two regular monthly meetings. Attendance of less than 90% of meetings is reason for dismissal.

Section 4

Additional meetings can be called when deemed necessary by the executive committee.

Section 5

Such additional meetings can call for required attendance if members are given notice at least one week before the meeting date.

Section 6

All meetings will be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, unless they conflict with this constitution or its bylaws.

Article IV – Executive Committee

Section 1 

The officers, council, and advisers of Maple Grove shall be known as the Executive Committee.

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for all administrative duties and other duties outlined in this constitution.

Article V – Election of Officers

Section 1

The officers of the Maple Grove NHS chapter shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.

Section 2

The term of office for all officers shall be one year.

Section 3

All officers must be juniors at the time of their election.

Section 4

Election of officers shall take place by April 15th of the junior year of the officers.

Section 5

All NHS members in their junior year shall have one vote. Graduating senior members shall not be allowed to vote for junior officers.

Section 6

The election of officers must be supervised by the senior year executive committee.

Section 7

Elections will be conducted for each office in the following order:
     Vice President

Before elections begin, each graduating officer must state his or her duties and briefly answer questions about the office.
1) Nominations will be taken by the Secretary from any junior member
2) Nominations do not need a second.
3) Nominations must be closed by a motion, second, and vote of a majority.
4) All nominated officer candidates must give a brief speech of less than two minutes demonstrating the qualities that would make that candidate a successful officer.
5) After all speeches the nominees will be led from the room by the Vice President.
6) A vote shall be taken by a show of hands recorded by the Secretary and verified by the President.
7) A second vote will be taken on the top three candidates. Again the vote will be recorded by the Secretary and verified by the President. (Note: candidates who were not in the top three will be called in to be allowed to vote for their choice of the remaining candidates.)
8) The three candidates will be brought back into the room and the winner will be announced. (Note: In case of a tie, a third vote will be taken between tied candidates. In case of a second tie, the graduating executive committee members will make the appointment.)

Section 8

In the event that an elected officer is unable to complete the term in office, vacancy shall be filled by appointment of the executive committee. The exception to this procedure shall be in the case of a vacancy in the Presidency; then the Vice President shall assume the office of the President and the executive committee shall appoint a new Vice President.

Section 9

The President of Maple Grove NHS will not be allowed to serve concurrently as the President of the Crimson Cabinet or another major student organization.

Aricle VI - Duties of Officers

Article VI – Duties of Officers

Section 1 – It shall be the duty of the President to:

a. Preside at all meetings of the maple Grove NHS and he executive committee.

b. Represent the chapter at all public occasions.

c. Appoint all necessary committees.

d. Serve as ex-officio member on all committees.

e. Create a written record of all activities during the term of office.

f. Work with the other officers to prepare a written agenda for every regular monthly meeting.

Section 2 – It shall be the duty of the Vice President to:

a. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

b. Coordinate the activities of all committees.

c. Serve as ex-officio member on all committees.

d. Perform any duties delegated to him or her by the President.

e. Create a written record of all activities during the term of office.

Section 3 – It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:

a. Keep minutes of all monthly meetings and any additional meetings, including the meetings of the executive committee.

b. Conduct all correspondence of the Maple Grove NHS, including notices of meetings to members.

c. Preserve, as directed, all records of the chapter.

d. Serve as ex-officio member of all activities during the term of office.

Section 4 – It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:

a. Have custody of all moneys of Maple Grove NHS.

b. Keep a running balance of all transactions.

c. Request payment of creditors and write warrants.

d. Check with Maple Grove business manager to be sure copies of all warrants and payment requests are on file.

e. Keep regular books and make financial reports at the monthly meetings.

f. Check with Maple Grove business manage to verify validity of records.

g. Serve as ex-officio member on all committees.

h. Turn books in as written records of activities during the term of office.

Section 5 – It shall be the duty of the Historian to:

a. Keep a photographic and written records of all Maple Grove NHS activities.

b. Maintain a showcase to inform all members of upcoming events and pertinent information.

d. Serve as an ex-officio member on all committees.

e. Compile photographic and written record into a scrapbook that demonstrates the activities of Maple Grove NHS during the term of office.

f. Turn in scrapbook as a record of all activities during the term of office.

g. Choose an official photographer to assist with the photographic record.

Section 6 – The chain of command in Maple Grove NHS shall be as follows:


Vice President




In the event that the officer(s) higher in the chain of command are absent from any activity the next highest officer will preside over the activity.

Article VII – Administration

Section 1 – At a time agreed upon by the executive committee, applications will be made available to students satisfying the criteria for NHS membership.

Section 2 – The criteria shall be as follows:

The student must

1) Be a student at Maple Grove Senior High

2) Be in his or her junior year

3) Have maintained a 3.7 GPA throughout his or her high school career.

4) Have demonstrated the qualities of leadership, service, scholarship, and character.

Section 3 – Each year, the executive committee with approval of the adviser will devise an application to be given to candidates for membership that will demonstrate the above

criteria. The application must include teacher recommendations and a brief essay requiring the student to state the reason for which he or she should be allowed the “honor of membership.”

Section 4 – After receipt of all applications, the applications shall be submitted to the Maple Grove administration for selection. NHS shall have no authority in the selection of future members other than to assert the necessity of the above mentioned criteria.

Article IX – Induction of Members


Section 1 - At a time deemed appropriate by the executive committee an induction ceremony shall take place. The date needs approval of the principal and advisor.

Section 2 - Each senior officer will prepare and give an oratory on scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Section 3 - Each incoming member will receive a certificate of membership.

Section 4 – Transfer students may be inducted into NHS. After recommendation from the student’s former NHS adviser or 3 recommendations from Maple Grove staff, the executive committee will determine the transfer student’s merits and decide whether or not to induct the applicant. If the applicant is selected, the new member will be inducted at the next monthly meeting.

Article X – Duties of Members

Section 1 – Members must maintain a 3.7 GPA.

Section 2 – Members must demonstrate leadership, scholarship, service, and character.

Section 3 – Members must attend all required NHS sanctioned activities.

Section 4 – In the event that a required activity cannot be attended, it is the duty of the member to arrange for his or her absence and fulfill any responsibilities arising from that absence.

Section 5 – NHS will officially sponsor service projects each year. Every member must participate in the required officially sponsored service projects, or select his or her own service project and volunteer time there.

Section 6 – If an NHS member so chooses to initiate action on a new service project, that member, and all members involved within that service project, must submit brief logs and descriptions of services rendered, as well as important information about the organization to which is being volunteered (contact people, address, description of organization, and other pertinent information) to the executive committee for review and analysis.

Section 7 – The executive committee reserves the right to refuse to sponsor an activity upon review of the above submissions. If the executive committee so decides, services volunteered toward that project will not fulfill the service requirement.

Section 8 - Abide by all laws, rules, and regulations of Maple Grove NHS, the Minnesota Association of Honor Societies, Maple Grove Senior High, Independent School District #279, and all local, county, state, and federal laws.

Section 9 – Fulfill any responsibilities determined by NHS or delegated by the executive committee.

Article XI – Discontinuance of Membership

Section 1 – In the event of violation of any duties of membership (Article X), or duties of officership (Article VI), a member or officer may be reviewed for dismissal or impeachment. An officer must be impeached before dismissal proceedings can take place. Upon the commencement of proceedings the executive committee will place the member of officer on probationary membership or officership until the proceedings are completed. Probationary officers must fulfill the duties of a member, but cannot perform any duties of their office. A suitable replacement for the probationary officer will be appointed by the executive committee for the period of review.

Section 2 – In the event of non-voluntary dismissal or impeachment proceedings, the adviser(s) and principal will review the individual case and prepare a decision. If the executive committee decides against dismissal or impeachment, the member or officer will resume duties normally. If the executive committee decides to dismiss or impeach, a formal statement of decision will be written, and argumentation will be prospered to be presented to all members of NHS at the next monthly meeting…..If a majority of between ½ and 2/3 is reached, the member or officer will be placed on conciliatory probation. If a majority for dismissal or impeachment is not reached the reviewee will resume normal duties.

Section 3 – If conciliatory probation is decided, the adviser(s) will determine appropriate conciliatory measures for the probationary member of officer to perform. Those conciliatory measures must correct the violation of officership or membership (i.e., if a member has dropped below a 3.7 GPA the advisers may ask that member to raise the substandard GPA to a 3.7 by the next grading period.) The executive committee will also determine a reasonable period of time in which the measures are to be completed.

Section 4 – Conciliatory probation carries the following requirements:

1) The member may not attend any NHS functions. Suitable makeup will be determined by the executive committee.

2) Probationary officers must fulfill the duties of membership, but they cannot perform any duties of office. A temporary replacement will be appointed by the executive committee.

3) Members or officers on conciliatory probation must keep the executive committee informed of their progress toward the assigned task. The probationary member or officer will be required to submit both written and verbal reports, as requested by the executive committee.

In the event that the executive committee determines a long period of conciliatory probation (such as an entire trimester), requirement 1, above, may be waived at the discretion of the executive committee to avoid a prolonged absence of the probationary member. The committee may decide to completely waive requirement 1 (allow the probationary member to attend and participate in all activities), or keep the requirement intact (disallow any involvement with NHS), but the executive committee may not compromise (allow some activities but not others).

Section 5 – If the member or officer fails to fulfill the requirements of conciliatory probation (Section 4), membership or officership will be dropped immediately.

Section 6 – If the member of officer on conciliatory probation fails to fulfill assigned conciliatory measures, within the assigned time period, membership or officership will be dropped immediately. On rare occasion, and under very rare circumstances, the executive committee may grant an extension of the mandated time period. Two such continuances will never be granted.

Section 7 – If an officer is impeached, proceedings will begin for dismissal. If the officer is not dismissed then he or she will resume activity as a regular NHS member. The vacant office will be filled according to Article V, Section 8 of this constitution.

Section 8 – Once an officer has been impeached he or she can never be reinstated to that office.

Section 9 – Once a member has been non-voluntarily dismissed from NHS he or she can never be reinstated.

Section 10 – The records of any non-voluntary initiated impeachment dismissal proceedings will be duly recorded by the Secretary. Upon conclusion of those proceedings, one copy will be placed in the permanent records of NHS. A second copy will be placed in the Maple Grove folder of the concerned student.

Section 11 – In the event of a voluntary discontinuance of membership or officership, a letter describing the voluntary discontinuance will be placed in the student’s academic folder at Maple Grove.

Section 12 – Once an officer has voluntarily discontinued officership he or she can never be reinstated to that office.

Section 13 – Once a member has voluntarily discontinued membership, he or she may request (but not necessarily be granted) proceedings to determine whether or not he or she could be reinstated.

Section 14 – If reinstatement proceedings are granted, the following will occur:

1. The ex-member will discuss the situation with the NHS adviser.

2. If the adviser decides for the ex-member, proceedings will continue. If not, the member will not be reinstated.

3. The ex-member will present his case to the executive committee. The executive committee will ask questions of the ex-member. After the executive committee members decide that they have enough information, the ex-member will be escorted from the premises by the adviser and the officers will discuss the situation and vote. An officer may not abstain. If a majority is reached in favor of the ex-member proceedings continue. If not, the member will not be reinstated.

4. The ex-member will state his case at the next monthly meeting of Maple Grove NHS. There will be no discussion. The Vice President will escort the ex-member from the room, and a vote will be taken. The Secretary will record the vote, and the President will verify the vote. If a 2/3 majority is reached in favor of the ex-member, then he or she will be placed on probationary reinstatement. If not, the ex-member will not be reinstated.

5. The executive committee will decide on appropriate penance to be performed by the probationary member.

6. The probationary member will perform the actions decided by the executive committee. If the probationary member fails to perform his or her duties, he or she will be dismissed immediately with no opportunity for future reinstatement. If the probationary member does perform the duties outlined by the executive committee, he or she will be reinstated with full membership privileges with the following exceptions:

a. The member will not be allowed to fill any vacant office.

b. The member will not be eligible for any scholarship given.

c. Should the member voluntarily discontinue membership a second time, there will be not opportunity for reinstatement.

7. A letter will be placed in the academic folder of the student explaining all proceedings involved and the ultimate decision.

Article XII – Scholarship

Section 1- At the end of the academic year, the executive committee may decide to grant one or more scholarships.

Section 2 – The amount of the scholarships(s) will be decided by the executive committee.

Section 3 – Selection of the scholarship recipient(s) will be based on the following system:

- Ten points earned for every general meeting attended. Officers will earn two additional points per meeting.

- 5 points earned for various committee work dealing with NHS activities. Committee chair people will earn two additional points per meeting

- 5 points for attending optional activities sponsored by NHS

- 8 points earned for mandatory NHS sponsored activities

- 5 points earned for each time a member participates in a volunteer project

- Additional points may be awarded by the executive committee for special recognition or reward

- Additional points may be offered as performance incentives for projects or activities

The member with the most points will be considered for scholarship(s). The executive committee will make the ultimate decision as to the recipients. Considerations such as special demonstration of leadership, scholarship, service, or character, extra effort made by an officer of committee chair in fulfilling their duties, or completion of special projects for the purpose of promoting the strength and success of MGHS will be taken into account.

Article XIII – Activities


Section 1 – NHS may conduct any fundraising, charitable or other activity if that activity conforms to this constitution, the MGSH bylaws, and the laws, rules, and regulations of Maple Grove, ISD 279, and any local, country, state, and federal laws.

Article XIV – Amendments


Section 1 – This constitution may be amended.

Section 2 – Proceedings for amendment are as follows:

1. At a regularly scheduled monthly meeting, any member may request time to be scheduled on the next monthly meeting agenda.

2. Within the next week, the member requesting amendment must submit an amendment proposal.

3. The officers will allot time at the next monthly meeting to discuss the proposed amendment.

4. At the next monthly meeting, the proposal will be read word for word and discussed.

5. Upon closing of discussion, a vote on the amendment will be taken.

6. If a 2/3 majority for the amendment is achieved the constitution will be amended. If not, the amendment will be dropped.

7. In either case, a written record of all proceedings will be kept by the Secretary.

8. If the amendment passes, the constitution will NOT be changed, but the amendment will be added to the END of the constitution under the title of AMENDMENT #X.


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